Highrange Dairy Co-operative Society Ltd No K 10 (D) Sengulam P O, Adimaly is one of the biggest dairy co-operative societies functioning in Kerala  and was registered in 1973 with Vellathooval panchayat as its area of operation.  The society registered as Ellackal Milk Supplies Co operative society Ltd. No K 10 (D) changed its name to Highrange Dairy Co operative society Ltd. No K 10 (D) in the year 2005.  Now society having a membership status of 5200 members.  At present the society is having 28 collection centers covering the entire Vellathooval Panchayat.  The society is now collecting 18000 liters of milk per day from its member farmers and neighboring societies of nearby panchayats and other agencies.  
Financial assistance from NCDC sanctioned through ICDP Idukki on 11th March 1997 to start a processing plant of the society.   Building construction and other works related with project started on 06th June 1997 and commercial production in 10000 LPD capacity dairy plant started on 29th January 1999.  
During the year 2014-15 our production capacity increases to 25000 LPD. At present the High Range Dairy Plant is handling nearly 18,000 liters of milk per day.  The raw milk collecting from the rural high range area has been processed in the dairy plant functioning at Sengulam and sold out in distant rural as well as urban centers in Kottayam, Ernakulam and Idukki districts.  Milk and milk products like ghee, curd, and butter milk are being sold in the trade name “HIGHRANGE”.  For the collection and distribution of milk, society is now using seven numbers of own vehicle plus twenty eight hired vehicles.  Thirty five permanent and forty temporary employees are working in this society for collection, processing and distribution of milk.
So many welfare activities are done by the society to its members.  Which includes dairy farmers welfare fund contribution at an average of Rs. 80000 average in a month and comprehensive dairy insurance to our members and their cattle at very low premium. The dairy offers extra incentive to the farmers for milk they have poured in the society.  Cattle feed subsidies of dairy department and self governing bodies like district, block and grama panchayats are routed through the society.
(1) Milk is an almost ideal food but is deficient in iron, copper and vitamin-c. It supplies bodybuilding proteins, borne forming minerals, health-giving vitamins and furnishes energy –giving lactose and milk fat.  All these properties make milk an important food for pregnant mother, growing children, adolescents, adults, individuals, convalescents and patients alike.  
(2) As raw material for the production of various processed milk and manufactured products.  
(3) In bakeries and confectioneries.
(4) As an additive to improve the quality of various receipts.
(a)Sterilized milk 
Sterilized milk may be defined as homogenized milk which has been heated to a temperature of 1000C or above for such lengths of time that it remains fit for human consumption for at least 7 days at room temperature.
(b)Flavored milk
Flavored milks are milk to which some flavors have been added.  When the milk is used, the product should contain a milk percentage at least equal to the minimum legal requirement for market milk.  But when the fat level is lower (1-2 per cent), the term drink is used.  The main types are 
(i) Chocolate milks/drinks 
(ii) Fruit flavored milks/drinks and 
(iii) Sterilized flavored milks /drinks. 
(c) Vitaminised /Irradiated Milk
Vitaminised milk is milk to which one or more vitamins are added.  Irradiated milk is milk in which vitamin D content has been increased by exposure to Ultra-Violet rays.  Addition of vitamins and minerals to milk is called fortification.  
(d)Frozen Concentrated Milk 
This refers to milk which has been partially concentrated and then solidified by freezing 
(e)Standardised Milk
This is milk whose fat and / or SNF content have been adjusted to a certain pre-determined level.  Under the PFA rules (1976) as well as the food safety rule 2006 the standardized milk for liquid consumption should contain a minimum of 4.5 per cent fat and 8.5 per cent SNF throughout the country.  
(f)Toned Milk 
Toned milk (also called single Toned Milk) refers to milk obtained by  he addition of water and skin milk powder to whole milk.  Under PFA Rules 1976 as well as the food safety rule 2006, toned milk should contain a minimum of 3 per cent and 8.5 cent SNF throughout the country.  
(g) Double Toned Milk
Same as toned milk, expect that under the PFA Rules, 1976 as well as the food safety rule 2006, Double Toned Milk should contain a minimum of 1.5 percent fat and 9 per cent SNF through the country. 

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