High Range Dairy Co-operative Society Ltd. K-10D

High Range dairy was started on 1974 March 1 at Ellekkal Vellathooval Grama Panchayath with the name Ellekkal Milk Supplies Co-operative Society Ltd (K.I.O.(D).
High Range Dairy has completed 10 years in 2009 January. A wide range of milk based products under trade name ‘High Range’ which includes Milk, Ghee, Curd and Sambharam entered the market distinguishing it from others for its quality. High Range Dairy Milk and Dairy development society now become a brand name in the market. The society and it members cherishes the success story of the society being prominent among cooperative society establishments. Dairy society turned as a source of existence to the poor milk farmers and as a guiding spirit to entire Co-operative sector.  Society has got  4500 members and it is this spectacular Cohesiveness made the society to come forward to prominence


1.         Registered as a simple MIlk Procuring Society in 1969
2.         Registered a Mini Industrial Unit in 1999 with installation of Dairy Plant.
3.         Dairy Department Registration certificate
4.         Panchayat, Industrial, Factories and Boilers licence certificates.


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