Proper and regular payment of price of milk


Study Classes


Utmost priority to milk producers is given to serve their interests, producers and other agencies which supplies milk to the society are  paid properly on weekly basis. The milk are procured irrespective of seasons.  Study classes with the help of Government Dairy Department  and society is conducted aiming keeping the quality of milk and upkeep of cattles. Animal Husbandary Department is also involved for conducting awareness camps. 


Cattle feeds


            Society has taken agency of M/s. Kerala Feeds for supplying quality feeds to catalase.  Subsidy is given to help farmers to procure the feeds. 


Deposit Schemes


            Deposits are received from members and non members. Fixed deposits, Recurring deposits, Daily collection are some of the financial schemes of the society.


Milk farmers welfare Schemes


            Coperating with Kerala Govt Milk farmers Welfare Fund the doing society is giving. Pension to 83 farmer besides funds for marriage and after death expenses is also provided by this welfare fund. Society is contributing 50,000/- per month to the  welfare fund . In this farmers (Contribution is below 14000 ) balance is provided by the societies Fund , it is done keeping in mind the welfare of farmers and also because society having income from processing and marketing capacity of such a huge quality of milk. In coming years more people will come unclear this scheme and our society is ranked first in the Kerala State for Providing milk farmers pension Welfare Fund.




Dairy is providing jobs to 70 people directly and it comes double the above number which is indirectly associated with the society.




1.         Registered as a simple MIlk Procuring Society in 1969

2.         Registered a Mini Industrial Unit in 1999 with installation of Dairy Plant.

3.         Dairy Department Registration certificate

4.         Panchayat, Industrial, Factories and Boilers licence certificates.


AMC Unit


With assistance from Dairy Department the Dairy Society is  planning to install an Automatic Milk Collection Unit (AMCU) with this the milk’s quantity, Quality and  price will be displayed in real time. Thus storage, Quality testing will be scientifically and automatically maintained.




            Dairy society has a full fledged computerized office automation, accounts,  concurrent Auditing is maintained with the help of software. 


Effluent treatment Plant 


            With the contribution of 7 lakhs from Local development Fund of Devikulam M.L.A Mr.S.Rajendran and 2 lakhs of on Dairy Society own fund a project of 9 lakhs is invested to installing an Effluent Treatment Plant